Friday, 3 October 2008

Marilyn Monroe finished.

Marilyn Monroe
This is one I did earlier on in pencil in some ways I prefer drawing to painting it always seems to look more dramatic. I like old black and white films for the same reason.
In the future I am going to put less writing on this blog I find it take up far too much time, but I will put some finished works of art with one or two words. I read the other day that someone takes ten minutes a day to run their blog it takes me to about midday and that is far to long.
Below is the finished painting of Marilyn Monroe I have painted the background in violet and blue using the complementary colours of yellow ochre and Naples yellow for the girl and dress.
I always feel there was something sad about Marilyn Monroe, but then I see sadness in the leaves on the trees.


Butterfly in the night


Rosy said...

Wow you are really a great artist!

I have set aside two hours each night just for going online, this includes checking email, posting to my blogs and then of course get lost looking at other people's blogs, although I do not look at everybody blog cause if I did that I will never GET OFFLINE!

Sandy said...

Whoa these are beautiful. I like both of them...and that one on top is fantastic.

Wanda said...

These are so magnificent! You pencil work is wonderful... and if you only posted pictures....I will be back every day just to feast my eyes on your ingredible talent.

Pietro said...

Great compositions.
The first one is so charming.

SandyCarlson said...

That's a marvelous drawing. She looks vulnerable rather than coquettish. Well done, Nick!

I like B&W movies for the same reason!

Judy Mackey said...

I like this b&w of Marilyn. You're right b&w just seems dramatic and alluring.
I also know what you mean about writing blogs - most of the times my mind freezes when I'm posting and it takes time.

polona said...

she looks magnificent, and the pencil drawing is simply stunning.