Friday, 25 September 2009

The Beauty of the Rose

oil painting on canvas


The beauty of the Rose

Is that it never knows

The colours that unfold

In the eye that beholds


But grows towards the light

Without the joy of sight

She lives for beauties sake

And gives more than she takes


She leaves much more behind

Than Man will ever find

And is forever one

With the stars, rain and sun


For the clouds of the sky

Will tell her no lies

The shadows on the fields

Will bring her no ills


She never feels the cold

Or needs the skill to hold

More than this moment now

And never wonders how


The mighty wind does blow

Or the great rivers flow

But is part of the whole

That is forever so.


Infinity an oil painting on canvas


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Is there a place beyond the stars?

The Morning Light
oil on canvas

Is there a place beyond the stars?

With no trace of cities or cars

Where light does not cast a shadow

And life's not so fast and shallow

Where there is just one tree of life

That forever grows free of strife

In all directions spiral out

The celestial branches about

Where each little leaf does unfold

So that creation can be told

And all the roots are intertwine

Across the parallels of time

With the right and wrong, meek and strong

Creating a celestial song

The pillars of creation grow

Out of darkness for light to glow

And will explorers one day find

Such a thing within a child's mind

And find the future and the past

And all the fusion and the mass

That lights the million suns of night

In life of little ones of light

For could we be beyond the stars

When we ponder within are cars.


Sunday, 8 February 2009

Let the bubble pop

Mayflower oil on canvas

Let the bubble pop

And let the pound drop

For England will be free

Upon the deep blue sea

Free from the Liberal dogs

That brought the foreign gods

Of all that greed and lust

That turns beauty into dust

And we will once again

Stand as British men
This poem is dedicated to all those poor souls that have been out in the wind, rain and snow on strike for British jobs for British workers.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

No Time

watercolour and ink

The stars have the night

To delight

Beauty has the Earth

To give birth

And birds have the sky

just to fly

And fish have the sea

Just to be

But I have no time

Just to rhyme

And I wonder why

With a sigh

watercolour and ink


Sunday, 18 January 2009

A little rhyme

oil painting from the Gite.


This could be Heaven

Or this could be Hell

No lucky seven

And no golden bell

Just a chance for fun

In the midday sun

Just a chance to be

More than we can see

In the here and now

Never wonder how

Love upon us fell

As we buy and sell


Sunday, 11 January 2009


Oil painting copy of
The Sistine Madonna
by Raphael
Where once a great prophet sat to teach
Little children play upon the beach
Someone loads a shell into the breach
Or was it a landmine beneath the sand
The mindless act of a dead man’s hand
Part of the madness of the Holy Land
For the truth is always the first to die
When all around we defend a lie
And hell is the sound of a child’s cry
Where once angelic angels did descend
With love not anger to defend
What men would kill, little children then?

Pencil drawing


Thursday, 8 January 2009

Pencil drawing of Gladys Knight

Eight-year-old Gladys Knight
winning an award for singing in 1952
If you believe God is love
Then light doesn’t come from above
Like the glittering stars
Shinning down from afar
It must be something much nearer
It must be something much dearer
Like the look of a child
When they see something wild
A look of total delight
Not seen in a bird in flight
A look of devotion
Not seen in the ocean
Just like the light in an eye
When two lovers say goodbye

Sunday, 4 January 2009

A new year a new war

oil painting in black and white

It seems funny to fight
Over such a small piece of land
When we all have infinity
In the palm of our hand