Friday, 14 November 2008

Poem to the unforgotten.

Athena crying again

All of ninety years has come and past
Since I was laid beneath the grass
In that Great War that came to pass
But for me time has not run so fast
Because I can still see the faces
Of young lads with faith and graces
Of all those different races
From so many different places
That came to die among the living dead
Things that in ink and pen cannot be read
For Mother Nature brought the poppies red
In defiance of what cannot be said
Both glorious and forever sad
Like something from the Iliad
Lost forever in the dyeing lad
In a world where the dead were glad
For in youth it's not easy to be bold
And fight and die among the fold
And truth was a story to be told
By those so powerful and so cold
They used the fear of shame
To try and stain the name
Of those that went insane
That could not stand the pain
That died by their countryman's own hand
To have no place in a foreign land
To hear no glorious marching band
To be known as those that broke and ran
For ninety years the pain of shame
Has been laid down by their name
And by those who carry the same
Has those who came and fort in vain
But what would Athena have to say
If she look down upon this day
Though immortal eyes of bluey gray
To see us forgive those that broke away
And forget those that held the foe at bay
For all those living souls we did betray
In the twilight of so many a day
And in their children, the men of today


gautami tripathy said...

You are very good at rhyming. The poem conjures up some emotions.

Art work is vert good.

Pleasure to visit you!

Lorraine said...

That is very impressive Nick, and the drawing is superb

Devika said...

"Poem to be unforgotten"??

I feel, life begins when we forget and forgive everything....

Good rhyme, and too good an art...


Serena said...

I love her helmet....nice work! A beautiful and well thought out poem too ~

Leo said...

hey nick... love the way u match the art with the words...!!


ps: i have dedicated a 4 lines to u, in my 99th & 100th post celeb...ur in one of them!! :D do visit!!

SandyCarlson said...

This is wonderful. It would make a great addition to, Nick. The prompt there at midnight EST will be courage.

(Thanks for commenting on my post. I said that literacy went out the window as I tried to make a human connection with my students. The heart of the matter is always literacy, which I think depends on finding relevance in the very moment.)

Rosy said...

Very powerful poem for sure, once again you did it again, another poem had reached out to me and touch my soul. Makes one think that is for sure.

As for Pretty Lady...(from my blog) do what ever you need to do in order to recieved her.

polona said...

there's power in your words - well done. and i love the drawing

Devika said...

Hi Nick!

perhaps, i have been a bit out-oh mind when i read this..

reading the title as "Poem to be unforgotten"

You say its "Poem to 'the' unforgotten" --

i appreciate your mind and its thoughts; but Nick; its always nice to forget...especially if we like something or somebody...

to me if i do not, it becomes a pain that i fail to bear...

yeah, the message 'forget and forive' still holds good...

wishes, always

Sandy said...

Very nice poem and the painting is gorgeous. I enlarged it and her eyes are beautiful...and oh the colors you used...draws one right in.

T and S said...

WOW...this is cool Nick. I m adding you to my blogroll so that I can follow your paintings...Thomas

Pietro said...

The art work is really good and the poem is very significant. Wonderful post, Nick.

Devika said...

Hi Nick!

just to inform that Certain Kind of woman is updated.


just thought of informing the bloggers i visit regularly..Take your time, but hope you will find time for it :-)

Harmony said...

oh thats a nice one dear!tk cr!

Wanda said...

Nick, your poetry brings such meaning to your paintings, or is it the other way around...

Either's a treat to come and be inspired.


manivannan said...

Lovely poem and art... very impressive Nick. I liked it.

Janice Thomson said...

Beautiful painting Nick - the tears are exquisitely drawn. Such emotion this and the accompanying words evoke.

Rhiannon said...

Oh this is an incredible poem Nick and wonderful artwork as should be so proud. You write some interesting poetry about history..I love's very unique..thanks for sharing your wonderful work with all of us.