Sunday, 7 December 2008

Do the atoms come together?

through the eye of a star
oil on canvas

Do the atoms come together?
For our momentary pleasure
Or do we form them as we go?
Creating all that we may know
Little specks in each you will find
That reflects all of humankind
Within the centre of the joy
In the heart of the girl or boy
And every duality
Could be just one reality
The probability of fate
Ability to love or hate
For there is more than one and zero
Between both Christ and Nero
For there is the gratitude of
The magnitude of love



Lorraine said...

Oh Nick, oh this so very special, words and photo, you've given me a beautiful gift today, thank you very much x

polona said...

wonderful and thought-provoking.
the painting is awesome, too!

Pietro said...

Nick, this is a beautiful, very inspired, painting. And the poem is nice: I like the rhymes, too.
About the film The Song of Bernadette, I really hope you can find it on DVD or VHS.

Devika said...

Nice one, Nick

Picture is good -- abstract gives ample freedom and vivid colours there :)


Sam!! said...

Hi Nick,

Its truly brilliant.. you really gotta unique style of writing.. i love the concept.. :))

Take care

Pat Paulk said...

I love it!!

Fly said...

hai..nice painting..fresh ideas congrat

T and S said...

Nice one Nick

Rosy said...

Very insteresting poem and the painting is great looking

Serena said...

OH Nick....I LOVE this! What size is the canvas? Another lovely poem to match. Well done on both ~

love, light and peace,

Sandy said...

wow, again...

Beautiful painting and words.

you always leave me thinking as I exit your blog.

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

dear Sir,

this is really great work of paint..... i enjoyed this blog and its posts.



SandyCarlson said...

I enjoy the way the "magnitude of love" creates a new perspective here.

Art and Poetry said...

Serena- the size of the canvas is 16" by 20" most of my work is about this size. I would like to work on larger canvas but they take up so much room.

Art and Poetry said...

Thanks for all your kind comments I enjoy reading them!

Serena said...

Thanks for answering my question...that's a good size of canvas on work with. :)