Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Is there a place beyond the stars?

The Morning Light
oil on canvas

Is there a place beyond the stars?

With no trace of cities or cars

Where light does not cast a shadow

And life's not so fast and shallow

Where there is just one tree of life

That forever grows free of strife

In all directions spiral out

The celestial branches about

Where each little leaf does unfold

So that creation can be told

And all the roots are intertwine

Across the parallels of time

With the right and wrong, meek and strong

Creating a celestial song

The pillars of creation grow

Out of darkness for light to glow

And will explorers one day find

Such a thing within a child's mind

And find the future and the past

And all the fusion and the mass

That lights the million suns of night

In life of little ones of light

For could we be beyond the stars

When we ponder within are cars.



Devika said...

A very poetic appeal,
liked this one much, Nick.:)

We could perhaps pray for a better world, while we still ponder..


Rosy said...

When times are hard I make my escape to such a place in my head.

Pretty deep poem indeed.

SandyCarlson said...

I often ponder these things. Well said, Nick. Beautiful painting.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

interesting thought! (I love the picture!)

magiceye said...


Janice Thomson said...

I LOVE this painting Nick.
Lots to think about in your poem...well put.

Pietro said...

I think a similar place beyond the stars does exist.
Very fine shades in the beautiful painting.

Leo said...

lovely nick! :)

place beyond the stars? why not?! :) we could always dream of a better world whilst thinking so...

Shellmo said...

I like to think there is a beautiful place beyond the stars. Nice poem to reflect and ponder on - coupled w/ your lovely painting.

Rhiannon said...

This is wonderful...and something I think about alot too..too much chaos and we need more peace and "trees" that are golden while shining their peaceful wisdom upon us.

Lovely pic, thought and writing Nick.



Sandy said...

"That lights the million suns at night" poetic and beautiful painting.

manivannan said...

Awesome Nick! Such thoughts are needed today, more than ever.

Beautifully written and painted, as always :)

ChrisJ said...

Your paintings are so ethereal! And poetry to match. Such talent!

Wanda said...

Yes a tree of life....we ponder in our cars...
This is very good Nick and the painting uplifting to my Spirit!

Rhiannon said...

This is lovely poem and a lovely golden tree which bring us hope for a better day.

I bought a black tee shirt yesterday with Audrey Hepburns portrait on the front. It's beautiful pic of her face with her hair up of course. I got a short sweater shrug to match it. I thought of you as I made my purchase and when I tried it on at both being Audrey Hepburn fans..:o)


get zapped said...

Splendid art piece. I can feel the healing rays. Just what I need on a cold, grey day. Thanks!

fab.92 said...

I Loved all of your poems and i really enjoyed the idea of linking art to poetry ! U are an amazing Poet and Artirst ! i paint and write poems my self but i'm just beginner ! U have an unlimitted Talent ! I Support

spookydragonfly said... have read my mind! I dream of such a place everyday. Such a perfect poem and artwork to match!

Serena said...

OH, this is beautiful, Nick...the painting and poem!

Sam!! said...

Perfect... beautiful picture besides.. :))

Take care

venus66 said...

I love your painting very much.

Binoy Mathew said...

thats going to be a dream... there are en number of people who wanders in such an imaginary world..

Devika said...

Long since you posted a poem, Nick..

hope all is fine with you,

and hope to see you posting :)


Brazeau's Best said...

Lovely! There is a place for us, even if right now it is within our creative spirits..

I write also and edit, so forgive me for mentioning but last line "within our cars" not are?

Serena said...

Hey's been a while since you posted. I hope all is well with you.

Love, light and peace,

Pietro said...

I hope you are well.
Have a good Easter!

Mermaid said...

Don't know if i liked you poem more or your painting ! coz both are so good :)