Tuesday, 2 September 2008

A new Painting


Audrey Hepburn looks older in this painting, but she has a kind of inner beauty that is nice to paint. I like painting portraits of older people they have character and it is more of a challenge.
This painting is going to have a lot of broken brush strokes with the white canvas showing.
It is like painting in watercolour but using oil paint. You don’t have any second chances once the canvas is covered the effect is lost forever.
This is a good way of painting if you don’t want to use too much paint or you are running out of white paint.
Hopefully this will make the painting much freer than the others. I am using yellow ochre and burnt umber these colours will unite the painting together.


Janice Thomson said...

I like it already. I also like the fact you explain as you go along - it is of tremendous help to an amateur like myself.

Sandy said...

Oh I like it too already....will be following along on this one!

Wanda said...

Oh I love this....In fact I watched a documentary of her in Africa.... and was so touched.

This painting will be such a tribute.

Like Janice...Your instructions along the way are so useful.

Pietro said...

Yes, it's good to see the development of the paintings.
Audrey Hepburn's expression is so sweet and the composition is well-balanced.

Wanda said...

Hi Nick... I wanted to thank you for your compliment on my watercolors.

To answer you question, yes I always pencil in the subject freen hand, or transfer from a photograph I've taken.

Thanks again for sharing not only your art, but your progress in a painting...this is wonderful to see.

Pris said...

Hi Nick
I hadn't been on this blog. Again, you're SO good! I like the dialogue with your art, too.