Sunday, 31 August 2008

Art in progress, day six

Beauty Shared

The painting is finished now, but I will keep looking at it and I might make some changes in one or two week’s time.

I have lightened Audrey’s face and hair this gave me a good chance to change things.

I have also lighten the darkest shadows on the horse and put some light paint in the centre of his eye.

I used broken brush strokes in parts of her hair and near her fingers. This is to try and create a sense of movement.


I will use broken brush strokes more in my next painting on this blog.
I am going to paint Audrey Hepburn when she is much older. I am also going to leave the horse out!


Janice Thomson said...

It's beautiful Nick. Her face turned out very well as did the horse's.
I love her eyes - to me they look so realistic.

Wanda said...

Oh this is wonderful Nick...
The shadows and veins in the horse you can reach out and touch...
And the highlights on her face are perfect, and her hair too.

Thanks for you comments on my Watercolor on Sunday's Meditation.
It's fun to see other artists interpretation of subjects. I love to paint people as you can tell from my banner.

Please start another one soon.... Looking forward to it.

Sandy said...

The horse face is so beautiful.

Is this Audrey Hepburn...

great progress.

Sandy said...

Yes of course it is, ...I had a blank moment there but went farther down and saw this IS a painting of AUdrey.

Agnes said...

It's beautiful.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

she's beautiful :)

Rosy said...

What a lovely painting!

in reply to you comment at my blog about computer graphic art, that picture of Mary is a free hand sketch well her body is that is.

I'll be showing the original sketch in couple of days from now which is all free hand using ink, pencil and paint.

Just thought you like to know this.

Pietro said...

A wonderful painting, with great expression. Both Audrey Hepburn and the horse are very well represented.

mitra said...

The horse came out really well..Perfect..liked the girl too..:)