Sunday, 11 January 2009


Oil painting copy of
The Sistine Madonna
by Raphael
Where once a great prophet sat to teach
Little children play upon the beach
Someone loads a shell into the breach
Or was it a landmine beneath the sand
The mindless act of a dead man’s hand
Part of the madness of the Holy Land
For the truth is always the first to die
When all around we defend a lie
And hell is the sound of a child’s cry
Where once angelic angels did descend
With love not anger to defend
What men would kill, little children then?

Pencil drawing



Lorraine said...

That touched me so much, there is no 'Divine' War..stunning drawings :)

Rosy said...

A very sad and true some chance is it hard to sketch two people together like this? I wish I could sketch the such even though if it is cartoonist style.

Devika said...

"And hell is the sound of a child’s cry"

I so agree with you, Nick!
But who is a child in this blogland?

I feel I beget thousands children here, of all age range....its only a matter of understanding the other...seeing the Self in the other..

"Where once angelic angels did descend
With love not anger to defend
What men would kill, little children then?"

True, Very True...

Angels can't save the world, though...
Its for one to decide not to hurt the other...

Having said that, I don't take a single hurt to my heart...i give it back the same instant...

Knowingly I never hurt someone at the first instant..But hurting an another causes an equal wrath in me...

I don't know -- your poem makes me talk of the happenings of the blogland; not the Holy Land...

Thank you Nick, I loved the art there, too


gautami tripathy said...

Somehow it reminded me of Dante Alighieri's work.

Serena said...

Nice work and thoughtful poem. One day, man may realise that we are ALL connected and when we strike against someone, we are really striking against ourselves too.

Pietro said...

In this fine post I see your skill and commitment in drawing and poetry.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very powerful!

magiceye said...

the poignancy is palpable..

Sandy said...

Very touching and great painting.

Rhiannon said...

Your poem is touching Nick..thank you for sharing something very important that we need to be reminded of constantly..the "shame in war".

I know it's quite dreadful the lack of maturity when it comes to the lack of morality and lack of shame when in war they kill the innocent and always blame the other side...both sides are always makes me want to just cry tears of such sadness.

Your pencil drawing is very good.

May we all wish for peace and a better world..all these lessons that keep coming our'd think we would have learned more than we have by now...but not to give up hope..we must never do that..



T and S said...

That's an awesome piece of drawing Nick

Wanda said...

Oh so beautiful, in word and picture... you heart is so sensative and profound.

Thanks for sharing your heart with your pen and paints....


Janice Thomson said...

A beautiful powerful and moving post both in word and painting Nick.


I like this pencil drawing.
I write reviews of other friends' literature and paintings, too. You can see one of the reviews of a pencil drawing here:

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