Thursday, 8 January 2009

Pencil drawing of Gladys Knight

Eight-year-old Gladys Knight
winning an award for singing in 1952
If you believe God is love
Then light doesn’t come from above
Like the glittering stars
Shinning down from afar
It must be something much nearer
It must be something much dearer
Like the look of a child
When they see something wild
A look of total delight
Not seen in a bird in flight
A look of devotion
Not seen in the ocean
Just like the light in an eye
When two lovers say goodbye


Lorraine said...

So's beautiful, and the drawing of Gladys Knight is amazing, I've always enjoyed Gladys Knight and the Pips :)

manivannan said...

Awesome! I simply loved it.

New year wishes Nick!

Devika said...

light in an eye when lovers say good bye??

Nick, I can't agree with the thought...

I don't think I can ever look into the eye of a person -- not in the least a lover -- when I would say good bye...

I believe in the philosophy "God is love."

but that would come as a solace sometime later as part of coping up :)

Nice art and poem too, loved the first lines :)


polona said...

lovely drawing although... i think these children's competitions have exceeded all the sensible liits.
your words are beautiful and inspiring.

Priya said...

Nice sketch work and good lines together.

Wanda said...

Both are wonderful. Love the pencil drawing. It's a sweet pose with the bowing.

The poem is lovely too....

Always a pleasure to visit you.

Pietro said...

Nick, I like both the nice drawing and the moving poem.
Yes, God is love. We are milliards on the earth and He knows and loves us one by one.

Serena said...

Lovely poem and a fantastic drawing! You captured her perfectly ~ :)

Sandy said...

Oh how true that is! Wonderful drawing too.