Monday, 25 August 2008

Art in progress, day four

I have now covered the whole canvas in paint the difficult part now begins.
Painting in this way is very easy but it can look as though you have painted by numbers.

I am now going to take a little bit of each colour and mix into every other colour.
This will unite the picture together with a bit of luck.

Most of what you can see on the canvas now will be painted over.
I find it very difficult to paint something right first time, but the great beauty of oil paint is that you can change things.

It looks as though I am going to get a lot of trouble with ears, eyes and mouths in this painting and that’s not counting the horse.



Diana said...

The painting's turning out welll...

Abraham Lincoln said...

And to think that I used to try to make a living doing oil paintings. LOL

I just posted one I did a long time ago. Two Actually.

It is on Abe's Town.

I like what you are doing and I wish you luck.

Janice Thomson said...

I know so little about oils so pardon my silly questions: 1) do you have to wait for each section to dry - and can the blending be done as you go along?
2)Are there specific elements one works on first or does one start on one side and work his way across?
3)How long does it take oils to dry or is each colour different?
4)To me when the blending is done it will be a wonderful painting -is there still more to do after that?

Wanda said...

I'll say it again.....I love watching a painting in progress.

This is wonderful...can't wait for the next phase.

Lorraine said...

WOW what an artist you are. It's delicious, I'll be back :)

LZ Blogger said...

Thanks for checking in and posting on my blog. I love your art here. The progressions are a nice touch as well! ~ jb///

Rosy said...

Looks great just the way it is.

Now I know what is missing off of my cartoonist horse. the nose halter. lol