Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Audrey Hepburn, oil painting in black and white.

Waiting for Immortality.
This oil painting is in black and white I believe it makes the painting more dramatic, like old black and white films. I love drawing in pencil and painting in one colour is very similar.
I set up the composition all wrong her head should be off centre towards the right. I tried to correct this by adding the curtains on the right-hand side.
The painting might have looked better if I had simplified by leaving out the drapery in the background. But it was lovely to paint I used long broken brush strokes so that the canvas would show through.
The sunlit part of her skin has been left unpainted, like in a watercolour painting. I was hoping it would look like radiant light, there is no harm in hoping.


Rhiannon said...

Her skin does look radiant just as you wanted it to..very good work! I love this one. I also love the black and white and shadows of dark and light, that's the way I always like to draw also.



Kai C. said...

i love your art.

dsnake1 said...

hi nick,

at first i thought it was a pencil/charcoal drawing, until i came here and found out that it was an oil painting..

i agree with you that the face is positioned too center, it would be much better if it is more to the right, then there will be more empty space in the top left of the painting, a better balance in my opinion. ( hope you don't mind my comments. i can't help commenting because i find this an interesting painting. :) ) Anyway, as it is, it is still a beautiful work.

Jo Castillo said...

Very nice painting, I thought it was a drawing, too. Nice work. I find the center position of the face OK in this painting. Draws the eye right in.

willow said...

I love your funny face
Your sunny, funny face.
You're not exotic
But so hypnotic.

She did have a marvelous face, didn't she? Love your artwork! Thanks for stopping by my place today and hope to see you again very soon.

Willow x o

Pris said...

You do very good work! I saw your note. Next time I get into my dashboard I'll definitely add your link.

Alicia Grace said...

I looked at this one for awhile. :-) thanks for your comment a/b the storm.