Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Art in progress, day one

My blog does not get up dated very often because I take a long time to complete a painting.

Because of this I am going to put my art on the blog at different stages of completion.

I hope this will be interesting for people who like painting or who just loves art.


I paint the part I find most interesting first, normally the face.


This will be like a lesson in how not to paint.


I only use two colours at this stage with a small brush and my fingers.



Andrea said...

Beautiful art work. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Pietro said...

Thanks for your kind comment, your blog is very nice.
Yes, a link is a good idea: I'll put your Painting and Drawings blog in my blogroll.

Janice Thomson said...

I can hardly wait to see this progress to a final painting. I've never done portraiture so I'll be paying close attention and perhaps give it a try.
What a great start!

Rhiannon said...

This will be interesting! Thanks for sharing it with us.

When I draw faces I usually do the shape of the head first then I always tend to do the eye after that. I so love to draw the eyes!


Rosy said...

I like your art style very much.

I am better at sketching cartoons, and I am still learning how to paint correctly so my paintings won't look so flat and dull, shading seems to be my biggest problem when it comes to painting.

Belita said...

Well written article.